9 November 2020   |   by Raf Rozalski   

Beautiful Glendalough snow covered, Wicklow Mountains

Wicklow Mountains National Park with beautiful Glendalough snow covered

Glendalough is a historic site, in Gaelic name “valley of the two lakes”. You can see the 6th-century monastery founded by St. Kevin and the famous round tower, standing 112 feet high with a base measuring 52 feet in circumference.

GLENDALOUGH - A hidden gem of Wicklow Mountains

If you start your walk from the first car park, you can first go to the Visitor Centre and after start walk from the cemetery with the round tower and after a walk on south side Lower Lake up to Upper Lake.

Glendalough Valley is beautiful in each season, but this time winter was in springtime. Deep snow cover the Wicklow Mountains National Park and travel were difficult, some of the roads were no passed.

Lake location is around 30 km from Dublin, and the best way to get see the lake is a rent a car and enjoy the beauty of the Wicklow Mountains.

GLENDALOUGH PARKING - When you arrive, you can park your car on one from three car parks - all of them are payable.

Glendalough Valley is obviously little Switzerland in Ireland. Of course, I mean the landscapes!
Rafal Rozalski

That looks like my trip from Dublin to Glendalough.

When you visit Glendalough, take a time no rush and enjoy the views of pure nature.

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Beautiful Glendalough snow covered, Wicklow Mountains

Glendalough is a historic site, in Gaelic name “valley of the two lakes”...